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Some Comments
on the Articles:


I ran across your website when working on a paper for my Global MBA at Thunderbird.  We are citing your work in our paper.  Beyond that, I find your insight very interesting and useful.  I was project manager at EDS when we moved 1,000 some GM folks from Cadillac Engineering in Detroit to Flint's Midsize Car Division.  At the most basic, personal "individual cultural level," I will state that every one of those (in total) perhaps 3,000 people involved was concerned about losing their job!  In my opinion that was the underpinning of every point of view and conversation there - an important point to keep in mind during mergers.


--Joseph Kemple



What a great article! (Gestalt Cycle of Experience) I am about to finish my Gestalt Therapy education with a theoretic exam in a couple of weeks. I have used Nevis: Organizational Consulting as a basis for discussing if and how you might use personality tests in a gestalt approach. This article enhanced my understanding of the cycle of awareness on the different levels. Thanks a lot!!


-- BR, Maria (Denmark)



This is an excellent review of resistance to change (Paradox: A Gestalt Theory of Change). I have a student doing a literature review on change and that is what drew me to search for it. The contrast with appreciative inquiry was particularly helpful. Thank you.

--Dan Saint



I liked reading the article (Emergence: A Gestalt Approach to Change). It was clear and invested. Thank you for the opportunity.

--Michael Kreindler



I love this model and train of thought (Coaching at the Point of Contact: A Gestalt Approach). As a coach I find that this is such a subtle dynamic that can go unnoticed but have a huge impact positively or negatively. Thank you for making the nuances of the dynamic more explicit so as a coach I can help myself and my clients make more conscious choices.

--Stephanie McGovern



I just wanted to let you know that I’ve spent time this afternoon with you, via your articles and a podcast on your website, and you have helped me move into a place of greater clarity about myself that feels really good. Thank you so much for your work, clear writing, and generous spirit!

--Katherine Murry



Very insightful article (Pause, Reflect, Choose). I have loved all your articles since I am also working in Gestalt OD space. It was very helpful. Thanks.


--Sushma Sharma



Herb Stevenson's 14 principles (The Fourteen Fundamental Principals of Vision Questing) are clear and useful for individuals and organization who want to begin the process of finding their direction and purpose.

--Kenn White,

Graphic Designer


Wonderful site full of information pertaining to Leadership Development and Change in Executive Coaching. Thank you for your time and sharing of transformative information.




I am student counsellor currently studying the cycle of experience and how it applies to my personal development. I can see comparisons here and found this article very useful (Gestalt Cycle of Experience). Thank You.


--N Kelly


I am facilitating a team building program at the non-profit I serve through Americorps and this article is very helpful in training my co-workers on AI (Appreciative Inquiry). It presents the information pragmatically while explaining the importance of each step. Thank you.


---Meredith Snyder


Thanks very much! This gave me the outline of what my statement will include. I'm used to doing a mental health disclosure for my psychotherapy practice but this is different enough that I was at odds as to what to put into a "coaching contract." (What You Need To Know About Coaching Services


--Kathe Skinner



I have just completed the first year of a 4 year Gestalt training course. I found your article (Gestalt Cycle of Experience) very clear and reader friendly. Thank you for helping me understand the Contact Cycle better.

--Alexandra Xuereb



This article (Core Values Assessment) is really great. Simply love it, and it made me think if many things I need to incorporate.




Loved this article (Core Values Assessment). Felt it was such good reading material and an exercise to provide brain thought.

--Rosa Pierson



This article (Appreciative Inquiry) is very helpful for individuals like me who are new to the AI concept.