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The Cleveland Consulting Group (CCG) can help you transform and improve your organization by working with your executives. We offer a range of customized consulting services from one-on-one to large scale organizational change.

At the heart of all Gestalt theory is a predisposition towards examining "how" we perceive the world. By examining how we perceive the world, we expand our capacity to more fully understand life's day to day challenges, business decisions, etc. and how to address them in a more effective way.

Hence, Gestalt focuses on the immediate present moment of our perceptions while trying to minimize preconceived notions and habitual ways of perceiving and thinking. As such, personal and professional awareness are considered core competencies for executives under Gestalt theory.

--Herb Stevenson
CEO, Cleveland Consulting Group, Inc.

How Are We Different?

At the heart of our practice is the Gestalt model*, an approach that embraces the person, group and organization as a dynamic integrated system. The impact: outstanding results for our clients.

We specialize and focus on these areas:


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