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Ale Williamson:

Herb is a proven coach who successfully provide insights, context, tools and action plans for personal and team development. He uses a comprehensive set of tools to work with client partners to highlight strengths and round out flat spots. This leads to effective ongoing development plans that lead to increased executive and team success.


David Jenkins:

The executive and leadership course was a journey of discovery that resulted in me being able to understand not only leadership but also people and behaviors to ensure I get the best from my team. I felt initially overwhelmed but soon began to understand and how interlocking segments really line up. It was a great experience and team dynamic for all that was on my course.


Denis Prior:

As part of Functional Leadership team with a Global Reach one of our regular quarter review meetings was attended and observed by CCG. Following feedback on our effectiveness and behaviors as a leadership group a two-day workshop led by CCG followed.


Denise Hofelich:

Transitioning to a newly appointed Officer role is often a not so seamless process - for the organization. Onboarding for the Chief Operation Officer position at best consists of a welcoming email, a laptop and a big good luck. CCG’s innovative coaching for a new executive provides the Company with the desired transitional goals by providing the guidance and stability the Company does not have the capacity to provide. CCG provides the new executive a roadmap to successfully meeting these goals with invaluable feedback and tremendous insights.


Dick Seaman:

Worked with Herb for many years engaging him as a coach for my senior leadership team. In these processes, Herb served as an effective facilitator in sessions between me and individual senior leaders.


Jimmy Dempsey:

After completing three weeks of leadership coaching with Herb Stevenson delivered over the course of one year, I found this experience to be of great benefit to my professional development. I gained a wider perspective on business strategy, management, leadership, and how to achieve personal goals and company goals working within complex and varying management structures.


Ken Clevenger:

I attended an intensive, 3-week Leadership Development and Team Dynamics Program spanning 3 “Bootcamps” over the course of 18 months. The program was specifically designed for Global Project Controls Leadership, Top Performers, and Graduates to meet, network, and focus on elements of Leadership, Coaching, Personal and Professional Development. As a member of a Global Leadership Team with representation from 10+ countries, our challenge was to learn techniques to establish synergies within the group, develop our relationships to foster trust, and create a cadence that would support our pursuit of a common set of objectives.


Loree Connors:

Herb was instrumental in helping our executive team work together better and mature into a high-functioning leadership team.


Marc Miller:

Herb has worked with me and other members of our executive team for over 10 years. During that time, he has been able to develop trusting relationships with each of our team members. Herb’s approach has allowed him to gain insights into each person as well as the dynamics of the group. This combination has allowed Herb to help us reframe our conflicts and redirect our energy into working together.


Neal Dilk:

I have regular Skype sessions with Herb where we discuss a variety of challenging issues I am facing and strategies I might use to address the issues. Herb also coaches me on developing my leadership profile through other avenues, such as publishing and presenting at conferences. Herb has also worked with my organization, on site, to develop our mission, vision, and core values.


Peter Cleary:

Herb Stevenson became my executive coach in 2009. I had recently left a 28 year career as a senior partner of a leading London law firm to become General Counsel of an international financial institution in the United States. The transition proved difficult. My law firm experience was both intense and intellectually rigorous. The work environment in my new position was far more relaxed but also more politically charged than I was accustomed to. I was viewed as a demanding leader who insisted on very high performance from staff and was impatient with substandard work. My staff reviews were very mixed, with people either loving or hating me.


Peter Tignini:

What was highly valuable was the recalibration of perspective, as the challenges that I thought were understood, with technical depth were in fact only ever known in that singular perspective. Herbs, training provided the opportunity to understand that being technically right is never enough. Further, I had always been able to build teams but with Herb, this has morphed into loyalty, which is so much more powerful.


Rob Petit:

Herb worked with our entire Senior Leadership Team for approximately four years conducting assessments, 360’s and individual coaching! For me personally, he not only helped me to see what I needed to work on to become a more effective leader, but also helped me to develop a long term plan on what I wanted to achieve, both professionally and personally, out of my life!


Roolf Wessel:

Honestly, I went into the coaching process with Herb w/o really knowing what to expect. However, it turned out to be an extremely valuable and long lasting experience. While you may not notice the small steps you make from one session to the next, once you look back where you came from and where you stand at the end of the process you will be surprised how far the ride took you.


Tod Roy:

I attended Herb Stevenson’s executive/leadership training course in 2014 as part of my federal Agency’s leadership development. It was a very positive experience. He provided practical and useful advice, taught theory and spoke from experience, and— most importantly—proved flexible and let the class lead whenever we showed enthusiasm in further exploring a thought or pursuing an idea. Herb gave us some encouragement and direction, but also time and space to challenge one another and ourselves.




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