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The Next Step: A Calling

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Herb Stevenson
Developing Your Natural Talent
To Lead

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CCG Training

We offer time-tested, practical training solutions for a wide array of functions. Internally, we provide training courses on executive development. leadership development, and coaching. Executive development is geared for high potential leaders that will likely reach the executive ranks, as well as existing executives. Leadership development is geared for directors and up that have not reached the executive levels and could use a refresher on leadership skills. For both of these training topics, we can integrate an array of assessments including 360s.

We also provided internet training with fully vetted vendors. Presently, we have affiliated with Kilmann Diagnostics to provide you training on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Style Instrument. The courses are extensive and can support any leader to more effectively address conflict throughout the organization.

Senior & Executive Leadership Courses and Programs

Presently, the entire three week program as presented here was developed for the DOD-ADI-DIA Gemstone program and has been adapted for presentation to a global leadership program being held in South Africa. The program has received accolades for its depth, application, and insight into executive development.

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Executive Development Training

The Executive Development Training is designed for high potential individuals and organizations seeking to take their executive leadership to the next level. Assessment tools are used that are congruent with your organization's training purposes. The focus is on addressing known leadership flatsides that can be rounded out in the training. We provide a learning mix of presentation (know a little) and practice (do a little) to ensure that the your team can know and do the materials taught upon completing the course.

Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development Training is designed for enhancing and refreshing your existing leaders' skills. The training is custom designed to meet your needs. Our range of topics are:

Coaching: How To

Coaching has become a critical leadership competency. Knowing how to coach is a skill that can easily be developed. This training enables the organization to increase the coaching competency of the leaders and managers. For example, several clients have used this workshop to develop coaching skills for all managers and others have done so for all HR employees. The goal in all situations is to use coaching to support employee performance.

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