A Beginning

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Thoughts II:
The Next Step: A Calling

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Herb Stevenson
Developing Your Natural Talent
To Lead

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CCG Affiliates

Chris Robert Bamford

Chris Robert Bamford
The roles Chris has played have provided him with a wealth experiences that allows him to hold a variety of perspectives on complex business issues.
More about Chris Bamford...

Linda Brown

Linda Brown
Linda is the owner and founder of Partners for Organizational Success. Helping organizations achieve their strategic goals through their people at all levels of the organization is the focus of Linda’s practice.
More about Linda Brown...

Janet R. Nelson

Janet R. Nelson
Janet is a forward-thinking consultant and executive coach with an appreciative approach to adaptive leadership and management.
More about Janet Nelson...

Abby Straus

Jacje Stevenson
Abby is a pioneer in the field of leadership for complex environments. She partners with individuals, groups and organizations as a facilitator, workshop leader and coach, helping people co-create a more successful future.
More about Abby Straus...

Jackie Stevenson

Jacje Stevenson
Jackie's strength-based positive approach to coaching delivers powerful learning experiences integrating best practice coaching with horses, nature, and innovative design for leadership development, team building and personal discovery.
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